Vermont Made Reclaimed Farmhouse Tables

reclaimed farmhouse tables

Finding Reclaimed Farmhouse Tables in Vermont

When traveling through Vermont or New England, you can’t help but notice old, dilapidated barns and buildings along the twisting and turning roads. Over 200 years of harsh New England weather have left these antique treasures in desperate need of rebirth.

Lucky for us, Vermont has many talented craftspeople who’ve taken on the mission of reclaiming the old boards, hand-hewn beams and timbers from these vintage barns. They recapture, de-nail and mill them into beautiful farmhouse tables.

Some of the common types of reclaimed wood are: oak, pine, elm, cherry, chestnut, walnut, hickory, maple and quartersawn oak. Much of this vintage barnwood comes from original stands of America’s old growth forests and as a result has incredible architectural quality that could only be crafted by nature.

reclaimed farmhouse tables
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Boards are extra wide with lush color and rich patinas. The beauty, density and stability of the wood, not to mention the unique character it attains after decades or even a century of service in an old barn, factory or warehouse is captivating.

Reclaimed farmhouse tables aren’t the only products our creative Yankee craftspeople have developed for this reclaimed barnwood. Antique flooring, siding and paneling are also popular uses for the vintage wood. Both furniture and architectural components lend a sense of harmony and artistry to both newly built and renovated homes throughout Vermont.

reclaimed farmhouse tables

Visit some of Vermont’s talented furniture makers who specialize in reclaimed farmhouse tables to see and feel the many creative options available for your own unique antique. You can start your search at the annual Vermont Fine Furniture Festival, held every Fall in Woodstock, VT. Over 100 of Vermont’s finest furniture makers will be there displaying their work and among them will be several artisans working specifically with reclaimed barn wood.

Do you love reclaimed farm house tables or are you tired of this trend? Let me know in the comments!

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