Happy Thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving

From all of us at Vermont Woods Studios, have a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving always signifies, to me, the official start of the holiday season. I look forward to all the food I get to enjoy, the family I get to see and the fun we have together.

It’s around this time that we start to see the pumpkins and cornstalks replaced by twinkling lights and evergreen wreaths and trees.

This year, my family is keeping the holiday season simple. We’re forgoing presents and instead will spend more time together, starting with Thanksgiving. We’ll spend the day with our new in-laws, thanks to my older sister. It’ll be a new tradition combining our two unique families. My sister’s in-laws are from Tibet by way of India, so along with our turkey, stuffing and gravy we’ll be indulging in Momo (a Tibetan dumpling), samosas and curry potato.

happy thanksgiving

We’ll only travel across town and we’ll stay well into the night playing things like Cards Against Humanity and arguing over politics while fighting the ensuing food coma. But I’m excited for this new tradition.

Everyone here at Vermont Woods Studios has different Thanksgiving traditions, too. Like Sean, one of our very knowledgeable Sales Representatives, whose family has a stuffed mushroom competition everything Thanksgiving…yum! Or, like Peggy, our Founder & CEO who travels every year to Plattsburgh, NY to spend time with her mother.

Whatever your plans are, whether it’s a big family feast or ordering sushi for one, we hope you have a very special and relaxing day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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