Get Ready for Green Up Day

Last updated on October 12th, 2022 at 09:14 pm

Green Up Day 2018 | Vermont Woods Studios
This Saturday, May 5, 2018 is Green Up Day.  At Vermont Woods Studios, we clean up the Vernon Beach every year.  You just never know what you’re going to find!

Vermonters: help keep your community clean, green and natural by volunteering for Green Up Day.  It’s a wonderful tradition in Vermont that goes back to 1970 and it’s fun! Connect with your town’s volunteers and get involved. 

Green Up Day 2018 | Vermont Woods Studios | Liz & Ken
That’s an oven door that Ken and Liz just put into Ken’s car. Who throws their old oven out at the beach??

Green Up Day is an annual tradition where thousands of good hearted Vermonters don their muck boots and head outside to pick up trash, keeping our state clean, green and pristine.

Green Up Day 2018 | Vermont Woods Studios | Jake
Jake’s first day on the job and we’ve got him wading through the Connecticut River. What a good sport!


Green Up Day 2018 | Vermont Woods Studios | Riley & Jeremiah
Even Jeremiah pitched in by picking up all the old deer bones in the area. Riley’s haul is less interesting… the usual beer cans, coffee cups and styrofoam cooler remnants.
Green Up Day 2018 | Vermont Woods Studios | Geoff & Ken
Geoff and Ken are doing a final walk-through and QA check 😉

Join In the Fun!

Have you participated in Green Up day before?  If not, how about giving it a try?  Find out who’s coordinating Green Up day in your community and join them.

In Vernon, Emily Vergobbe has been volunteering her time to coordinate Green Up Day for years.  She’s asking volunteers to get together this Saturday morning at 8:30 at the Vernon recreation center.  There she’ll have trash bags and snacks along with a pizza party at noon to thank everyone for helping.  It’s a good time to get outside with your neighbors and help steward your community’s natural landscape and waterways.

By the way Emily’s looking to retire and pass the Green Up Coordinator baton on to someone else.  Any takers?  Volunteer here.

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  1. Participating in such a ecological orineted project is a way to demontstrate that you are concerned about the future of our planet person. This the least that we as responsible citizens can do, to give an example of our children.

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