Green Up Day in Vermont

Vermont Green Up Day

Have you ever wondered why Vermont is so clean, green and pristine?  Well one reason is that since 1970, thousands of Vermonters have gotten outside on the first Saturday of May to collect tons of litter that would otherwise mar our state’s scenic beauty.  The goal of “Green Up Day”  is to “promote the stewardship of our state’s natural landscape and waterways and the livability of our communities by involving people and raising public awareness about the benefits of a litter-free environment”.  So tomorrow May 3, volunteers will scour 13,000 miles of roads and collect 40,000 bags of trash.

VWS Greens up the Vernon Beach
The Green Team at Vermont Woods Studios Furniture cleaned up the Vernon Beach today.

Have you participated in Green Up day before?  If not, how about giving it a try?  Get your muck boots on and head outside for some fresh air, sunshine and the good feeling that comes from serving your community.  Find out who’s coordinating Green Up day in your community here.  They’ll have trash bags for you but more importantly they’ll probably throw a pizza party for all the local volunteers after the work is done.

Vermont Woods Studios Green Team Cleans Up Vernon Beach
Vermont Woods Studios Green Team vying for “biggest haul” out of the Vernon Beach.  From left:   Michelle, Sean, Liz, Douglas, Nina and Dennis (poor Loryn had to stay back at Stonehurst.  After all, somebody has to do all the work, for crying out loud 😉

Our Green Up efforts at Vermont Woods Studios took place yesterday as staff members had other obligations this weekend.  Here are some photos of the work we did cleaning up the Vernon Pond and the Vernon Beach (bet you didn’t know we had a beach, did you?).

Vermont Green Up Day | Vernon Pond
Michelle, Martin, Douglas and Neville getting ready to clean up the Vernon Pond.
Neville Cleaning up the Vernon Pond
Neville Cleaning up the Vernon Pond.
Sean Greening Up the Vernon Beach
Sean Greening Up the Vernon Beach.

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