Celebrating National Indoor Plant Week!

Seems like there’s a national week for everything nowadays, and this time i’m not complaining. As a total houseplant fan, I think that celebrating earths natural air cleaners is great! 🙂 House plants have numerous benefits to your health and home, from air purification to easy breathing, and not to mention they add lots of style to your space. National indoor plant week is a nation wide effort to increase awareness of the value of plants, and to spark enthusiasm for them! I’m already excited!

Feeling inspired? Participation in National Indoor Plant week is free, and can be as grand or miniscule as you like. For example, Interior Tropical Gardens of Union Illinois set up 7 street locations and handed out 2,000+ small peace lilies and info on the value of indoor plants. But even something as simple as gifting a houseplant to your coworkers is enough! Sounds pretty easy to me.

Vermont Woods Studios is a pretty festive workplace sometimes, and we’re always down to bring a little bit of nature into the office! So we’re celebrating indoor plants by bringing in a potted plant for each office at Stonehurst! Woo hoo, naturally clean air for everyone! 🙂

Loryn wrote an awesome post about why indoor plants are great for your house and home, so I’d encourage you to check it out and see for yourself all of the reasons why you should love houseplants and why National Indoor Plant Week rocks!




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Kelsey Eaton

Kelsey Eaton

Kelsey is a Green Mountain College alumni, currently pursuing her Masters degree in Internet Marketing at Full Sail University. She is skilled in graphic design, social media, content creation, and photography! Friends might call her a marketing maven by day, and a tribal bellydancer by night!