Vernon Vermont’s Best Furniture Store Award?

Best Furniture Store in Vernon, Vermont Award?
Check out this Best Furniture Store in Vernon, Vermont Award.  Woohoo, we beat out all the other fine furniture stores in the Greater Vernon Area!

I got an email from Sean today, titled “I thought this was kinda funny”.  Usually it’s annoying when junk mail slips through our spam filter but when this one made it’s way into Sean’s inbox, at least it gave us all a good laugh:  “The Vernon Award Program has chosen Vermont Woods Studios for the 2013 Vernon Awards in the Furniture Stores classification”

Now although we do feel very deserving of this award, I have to say that we’re the only furniture store in town.  In fact there are only a handful of businesses of any sort in Vernon (a booming metropolis of 2141 people, a couple stop signs, no red lights and a whole lot of corn and Holstein cows).

The email goes on to say:  Each year, across the GREATER VERNON AREA, the Vernon Award Program chooses only the best local businesses…  that exemplify excellence and lead through customer service and community involvement.

Best Furniture Store in Vernon Vermont Award?
Besides the 2141 residents in Vernon village proper, I guess the “greater Vernon area” would encompass a couple cemeteries and the fish hatchery pond so that does make the award seem more prestigious.

Anyway the point of the email is to get you to buy these phony plastic awards which you can click through to purchase.  The sad thing is that when I was googling around to find out who was behind the scam, I did find lots of photos of elderly business owners proudly holding their awards in front of their establishments.

So in the interest of helping others avoid this fate, I’ll post a link to ScamBook which drops a dime on these dirtballs as well as thousands of other scammers you may one day need to research:  “As the leading complaint resolution platform, Scambook’s primary purpose is to give consumers like you a voice. Whether you’re a victim of fraud or bad business practices, we aim to help share your story and even find a resolution. We are here to provide a platform where we can help you spread the word and fight against scammers, fraud, and bad business.

Now getting back to Sean… here is the message he sent to all of us at Vermont Woods Studios with his forward of the award:

“I can’t believe we won!  Great job everyone!”


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Peggy Farabaugh

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