Turn Any Room in Your House into a Tropical Oasis

Last updated on March 31st, 2017 at 02:49 pm

banana leaf
Photo courtesy Kelsey Hirtzel-Jennings

Bring the tropics to you and turn your home into a permanent vacation.

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about a vacation to somewhere tropical…Hawaii, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Thailand. Well, realistically, those thoughts will have to stay in my dreams. But, I’ve noticed a popular trend right now that’s fitting for my vacation dreams. It seems a lot of people are channeling the tropics with a design circa 1940s Beverly Hills.

Do you know where I’m going? Yes-banana leaf wallpaper.

banana leaf
Original Martinique Wallpaper

At first I didn’t know how I felt about this resurgence, but the more I see rooms decorated with banana leaves, pineapple home decor and mid-century modern furniture the more it makes me want to redesign my entire house. Okay, maybe not an entire house of banana leaf wallpaper but you get the idea..

Not sure if it’s for you? I bet I’ll have you singing a different tune in no time!

The first step-pick a room.

Since we’re in the midst of a dining furniture sale-why don’t we start there.

What’s next?

The furniture!

Let’s use walnut wood, because a dark, rich wood would look glamorous surrounded by banana leaf wallpaper. You can go contemporary or mid-century.

banana leaf
Copeland Essentials Dining Table in Walnut

I’m going to use our new Copeland Essentials Dining Table because it features a swoon worthy solid walnut top and hairpin legs reminiscent of the same era the banana leaf print was born. For chairs you could go a few ways. Mismatch the table with upholstered chairs, metal to match the legs or solid walnut wood dining chairs like our Estelle Walnut Chair.

To accent the table and chairs, add a sideboard or bar cart. I will use the  Exeter Walnut Buffet as it adds a contemporary flair to the room. My goal is to not get too theme-y with a completely mid-century designed room.

banana leaf
Copeland Exeter Walnut Buffet

Next, you’ll want to think about lighting. A grand, contemporary chandelier or something more modest will do the trick. I’m going to use something on the modern side, a Hubbardton Forge, handcrafted Double Cirque Chandelier, to be exact. Its unique design offers a different way to enjoy lighting. It’s perfectly curved lines will fit in nicely amongst the banana leaf print and walnut furniture. Keeping it modern and simple allows the chandelier to be a part of the room, not competing with the wall paper.

banana leaf
Hubbardton Forge Double Cirque Chandelier

After you’ve gotten your lighting figured out. It’s time to decorate. Artwork on the walls should be minimal and I’d recommend a theme and/or black and white artwork to ensure you’re not making the room too overwhelming. Remember, it’s the wallpaper that’s the star. If you don’t want all the walls to be covered, use it as an accent wall.

For the home decor category, I’d add some fun conversational pieces, either on the buffet or as a centerpiece on the table. One of Simon Pearce’s new glass pineapples would look great next to a couple of succulent plants on your table or next to a bar tray filled with the finest liquors.

banana leaf
Purchase from Simon Pearce here

From there the room is your oyster! You’ll be dining in style and I think you’ll notice family and friends wanting to have more dinner parties at your house.

What’s your favorite trending product or style out there right now? Let me know in the comments!

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