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This traditional Natural Walnut Round Formal Extension Table is a sophisticated and stylish extravagance for any formal dining room or kitchen. A unique piece of formal furniture handcrafted by Steve Holman, one of Vermont's most renowned furniture artisans. This table is created from rare and beautiful walnut and it's simple and beautiful design will make a lovely addition to your home. Includes two 18" leaves. A unique luxury gift for yourself or someone you love!

  • Starting at $6900. Contact us for a custom quote


  • Dimensions without leaves: 30" H X 48" D
  • Dimensions with leaves: 30" H x 84" L
  • Additional legs swing down from underneath the table top to add more support.
  • Artisan-crafted in Vermont, USA.
  • Each piece custom-built with its own unique characteristics.
  • Available in FSC-certified wood.
  • Customize to include names, dates or other creative personal touches.
  • Lifetime Guarantee