Custom Maple Sofa Table With Inlays


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This beautifully-figured Tiger and Curly Maple Sofa Table with Inlays by T. Breeze Verdant and Ken Farabaugh is hand-crafted from the harvest of an historically-significant 175-year-old ancient Vermont maple tree. The tree's owner, Joe Famolare, tried for many years to save it from the effects of an ice storm, but, in the end, the tree was ordered down by local safety authorities. Joe was able to retain the best of it, though, through the creation of a set of unique custom furniture, including this sofa table. The fine detail and quality of its inlay is unsurpassed in the world of marquetry. Breeze used actual leaves from the ancient maple tree to render the shape, size and character of the inlaid leaves.

  • Starting at $2,695. Contact us for a custom quote


  • Dimensions: 12"W x 72"L x 31"H as shown. Customize to fit your space
  • Custom, artisan-crafted in Vermont, USA, of natural solid hardwood
  • Each piece custom-built with its own unique characteristics
  • Available in FSC-certified wood
  • Customize to include names, dates or other creative personal touches
  • Finished with a clear, non-toxic, low VOC lacquer. Other finishes available upon request. Call for details
  • Shipping not included
  • Lifetime guarantee