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Furniture Designer, Steve Holman's Contemporary Dreamer Rocket Table is a sophisticated "must have" for the minimalist home. A wonderfully unique piece of artwork handcrafted by one of Vermont's most renowned furniture artisans. This sofa or hall table is created from western walnut, wenge and mahogany. The rocket has the looks of falling from the heavens and through the top of this unique table. Wonderful conversation piece or gift for that person in your life who loves and is fascinated with space.

  • Starting at $3,680. Contact us for a custom quote


  • Dimensions: 36" H X 10" W x 48" L
  • Artisan-crafted in Vermont, USA.
  • Each piece custom-built with its own unique characteristics
  • Available in FSC-certified wood
  • Customize to include names, dates or other creative personal touches
  • Lifetime Guarantee