Saved Messages 19


A statement about the "Saved Messages" series: "I have been employed in Egypt for the past 28 winters, drawing the carved and painted reliefs of ancient undocumented tombs and temples for the University of Chicago. For this series of gouache paintings, I used photographic blueprints documenting ancient graffiti written some 3000 years ago on the walls of the temple where I work in Luxor. The calligraphic writing, scrawled here and there across the sheets of paper, is beautiful and fascinating. Unlike the graffiti of our time, the words are not profanities, but messages written by priests and visitors to the temple, revealing legal records , notes on the height of the Nile, and votives asking that the writer's name remain good in the presence of the gods and goddesses. This history only adds to the depth of the piece as I explore the movement of the marks across the paper and decide whether to obscure or incorporate them into the composition of the picture." Susan Osgood, 2013

Materials: Goache on blue print

Overall: 22" W x 27" H (including frame)

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