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At Vermont Woods Studios, we believe that businesses have a responsibility to make the world a better place

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The Problem

Furniture & flooring often come from the illegal and unsustainable logging of the rainforest. Unchecked illegal logging is rampant in tropical countries too poor to effectively monitor and enforce conservation regulations. The U.N. estimates that illicit logging is now worth between $30 billion to $100 billion, or up to 30 percent of the global wood trade!

Did You Know?

We are losing rainforests at a rate of 1 acre per second, and losing 100 forest species a day!

Traditional furniture & flooring companies are gobbling up this wood to make cheap products that are often processed and assembled in Asia. Sometimes the furniture is then stained or finished in the USA in order to be labelled "Made in America".

Vermont Woods Studios

Harvesting rainforest woods and moving manufacturing operations to regions with fewer environmental regulations seems like a shortsighted way of doing things to us, so we raise awareness about forest conservation and promote American furniture, made from local, sustainably harvested woods

Our Impact

We work exclusively with Vermont furniture makers who source their lumber from North American forests (usually in Pennsylvania or New England) that have forest management plans in place to protect the integrity of the forests.

Responsible forest management takes into consideration long term timber production, while addressing water quality, wildlife habitat, biodiversity, forest aesthetics and recreational opportunities.

The predominant method for harvesting is Single Tree Selection where trained foresters select individual trees. This creates openings in the forest canopy that allow more precipitation, sunlight, and nutrients to reach the forest floor, which helps ensure the health of surrounding trees along with the long term health of the forest.

We try to source our hardwoods within 500 miles of our studios. This reduces carbon emissions from transportation and ensures that the wood comes from a well managed forest within the U.S., where the volume of hardwoods in forests has doubled over the past 50 years, according to the American Hardwoods Export Council.

Serere Amazon Rainforest

By raising awareness and providing an environmentally sustainable alternative for wood furniture, we hope to do our small part to help preserve and protect one of our planet's most valuable resources

Your Purchase Makes a Difference

By shopping with us, you are supporting these causes:

Global Forest Conservation
Global Forest Conservation

1 order = 1 tree. In 2014 we planted more than 1,200 trees!

Animals and Wildlife
Animals & Wildlife

We support 8 global wildlife charities, our local Humane Society, and many other local environmental & educational organizations

Food and Shelter
Food & Shelter

We support our local Meals on Wheels, Morningside Shelter, Vermont Food Bank, Project Feed the Thousands, Womens Freedom Center and Heifer International

Local Forest Conservation
Local Forest Conservation

Our furniture showroom is located on a 100 acre woodland in southeastern Vermont. We work hard to manage it sustainably with the help of professional forester, Lynn Levine

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Furniture You Can Feel Good About

Can a piece of furniture really help to save the rainforest? We believe so. Shop with us and experience the beauty and quality of real, natural solid wood furniture without supporting the illegal logging industry. We hope you’ll join us in our mission of furnishing a greener world.

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