All Weather Outdoor Furniture From Recycled Plastic

Modern Shaker Bedroom Furniture

Outdoor all weather furniture that works to clean up the oceans while you relax sipping your mai tai on the beach. It's the lazy environmental activist's dream! Too good to be true? Actually this is one of those rare times where you can have your cocktail and drink it too. It turns out the latest in outdoor all weather patio furniture is a line of eco-friendly chairs, tables, lounges and rockers all made from recycled plastic bottles. The best part: the furniture is well designed, beautiful and lasts for many years.

POLYWOOD® All Weather Furniture

Called POLYWOOD, this innovative eco-friendly, all-weather patio furniture is created from recycled plastic lumber (RPL) using an extrusion process that replicates the look and texture of real wood. Post consumer recycled HDPE containers such as water, soda, milk or detergent jugs comprise 90-100% of this furniture. The bottles get transformed into a super durable, heavy and rigid board stock that looks like real solid wood but can withstand outdoor abuse from rain, snow, ice, sun and salt water.

An Elegant Solution to the Problem of Plastics Disposal.

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