Kids Furniture: Health and Safety Considerations

Kid's Furniture

Much has been written about infant safety with regard to crib design and construction but we were more concerned with the safety of toddlers when we brought on our new line of kid-friendly furniture for children over the age of 12 months.;

Our main focus at Vermont Woods Studios Furniture has always been American made contemporary solid wood furniture but we recently launched a line of recycled plastic, POLYWOOD®; indoor-outdoor children’s furniture.; Health and safety concerns were the main factor in deciding which line of kid-friendly furniture to carry.; We did evaluate a number of lines of solid wood kid's furniture, but considering the special needs and vulnerabilities of small children we decided in the end to go with POLYWOOD, recycled plastic all weather kid's furniture. It’s excellent health and safety rating, strong, sturdy, low-maintenance design and the non-toxic, inert nature of the product were compelling.;

With POLYWOOD children's furniture, parents don't have to worry about sharp corners and edges either as they are designed with a gentle curve.; Cleaning and maintenance are kid-friendly -- POLYWOOD furniture can be cleaned with mild soap and water.; Sunbrella cushions are available with POLYWOOD furniture and as boaters and outdoorsmen know, these cushions are well able to withstand the effects of sun and weather while being washable and durable for many years.

For parents of toddlers and young children, it's worth noting that most children’s furniture found in American stores today is imported from overseas where there is little regulation of health, safety and toxicity. That’s why we see product recalls for things like toxic lead and cadmium levels in paint finishes and failure of cheap moving parts. At Vermont Woods Studios we wanted to carry an American made collection of kids indoor-outdoor furniture that would exceed US health and safety regulations.; POLYWOOD does that.

Our contemporary Poly Wood Kids Furniture Collection has several advantages other than health and safety: it is well-designed, sturdy, colorful, weatherproof, maintenance-free and stylish. POLYWOOD Childrens’ Adirondack chairs and picnic tables can be customized online in a variety of 12 vibrant colors and carry a lifetime guarantee as well as a low-price guarantee. POLYWOOD was designed for rugged outdoor use, but our customers tell us they are using it for both indoor and outdoor play areas, and the kids love it!