Meet Our Green Team

Our Team Group Photo

Peggy Farabaugh

Peggy Farabaugh, Founder & Believer

She is a CEO who brakes for salamanders, has bottle-fed rescued squirrels and spent her vacation building furniture for a rural school in Costa Rica. She believes in the future and in the people who will build it. A former distance-learning instructor at Tulane University with a master's in environmental health & safety, she turned an interest in forest conservation and endangered species into a growing, local business. She delivers rainforest statistics at breakneck speed, but knows how to slow down and appreciate the beauty of a newly finished piece of heirloom furniture.

Ken Farabaugh

Ken Farabaugh, Vice President of Possibility

An engineer and a craftsman, there's no part of Vermont Woods Studios that Ken doesn't touch. From the financials and strategic planning to HR and building custom orders, he has his hands and heart in all aspects of the supply chain. He appreciates wood that has an interesting character or a flaw that makes it unique. His mantra? "You will never get today back so make it productive, help someone out, teach somebody something, and live it to the fullest."

Douglas Fletcher

Douglas Fletcher, Office Wizard and Sales Manager

Douglas began working with Vermont Woods Studios when the office was in Peggy's spare bedroom. He's the person who keeps this studio running smoothly and efficiently. A native Vermonter who enjoys the change of seasons, he appreciates being part of a company that is positively impacting the lives of Vermonters -- from employees to the craftsmen and vendors.

Loryn Dion

Loryn Dion, Sales

Loryn realized that she had a skill for writing and a passion for agriculture through her time in the FFA, writing speeches and workshops and learning about conservation. She began taking journalism classes and found that she liked writing press releases and blogs, which led her to Vermont Woods Studios as a marketing assistant. Loryn has recently proven to be very adaptable, first by stepping in as our acting webmaster and then moving across to the sales department. In her free time she loves being outside, hiking, reading and staying involved with the agricultural community.

Sean Henry

Sean Henry, Sales

Born and raised in Brattleboro, Vermont Sean has always enjoyed the small town life."There is nothing better then being out and about and running into friends, family, co-workers & acquaintances." He attended the University of Vermont to study Business Administration and then went on to run his family's restaurant here in southern Vermont. Looking for a new adventure and a change of pace, Sean found his way to us here at Vermont Woods Studios. "I want to make sure customers enjoy their experience with Vermont Woods Studios as much as I do."

Michelle Rooks

Michelle Rooks, Sales

Michelle graduated with a BS in Journalism and an undeclared minor in Animal Science from South Dakota State University and worked in the publishing industry for many years prior to coming to Vermont Woods Studios. She loves the fact that no two days are the same in her new career. Processing orders, talking with customers, writing blogs and socializing with coworkers keeps things interesting. Michelle’s family enjoys performing in community theater together and are active in their local church. She wins the prize for shortest commute, living less than a quarter mile from beautiful Stonehurst.

Rebecca Savage

Rebecca Savage, Sales

Rebecca studied English at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts before making her home in Marlboro, Vermont with her husband Kevin and adorable daughter Eva. She loves organic gardening, and all of us at the office are the lucky beneficiaries of her harvest. Rebecca enjoys working in interior design, so helping customers find just the right furniture for their home is something she is passionate about. She's worked in real estate and home decor in many capacities across the East Coast.

Neville Kerr

Neville Kerr, Website Developer

While Neville currently calls western Massachusetts his home, he is a native of Australia. His background includes extensive service in the Royal Australian Air Force, e-commerce consulting and many interesting experiences in between. A true nomad at heart, he loves to travel, having visited many countries across the globe including some of Peggy's favorite rainforest countries. He is always working behind the scenes to improve the functionality and usability of our website.

Martin Corbin

Martin Corbin, Webmaster

Raised in a creative household, Martin has been been drawing, painting and playing music since childhood. He received his first computer, an Atari 800, from a family friend when he was ten years old. Using an introduction to computer programming book, Martin began to teach himself how to write computer programs. Also a self-taught musician, Martin plays guitar, keyboard and mandolin, which he discovered after hearing mandolin virtuoso David Grisman. Martin enjoys working with websites because it utilizes both the left-brain logic of computer code and the right-brain creative thinking of design.

Dennis Shanoff

Dennis Shanoff, Marketing Maestro

From SEO to PPC and SEM, Dennis is the person who actually knows what goes on behind all those marketing acronyms. He loves the simplicity of shaker furniture and his favorite wood is cherry. When he's not working, you'll find him outside enjoying the Vermont landscape on his motorcycle, boating or hiking and camping.

Kelsey Eaton

Kelsey Eaton, Marketing Assistant

Kelsey is a Green Mountain College alum, where she studied Communications with an environmental twist. Since most of her courses had a sustainable focus, being passionate about the environment has been a central theme in her life since! She is currently finishing up her Masters degree in Internet Marketing, and she'll use her education to help Dennis build the Vermont Woods Studios brand and message. On her free time, Kelsey likes to blog and bellydance!

Nina Markiw

Nina Markiw, Merchandising Assistant & Photographer

Nina Markiw is a Brattleboro native with a passion for the fine arts world. She graduated from Johnson State College with her bachelors degree in Studio Arts and has been putting her skills to use as our newest full time photographer. If you've noticed an influx of beautiful furniture photography lately, you can thank Nina. She loves spending time outdoors, so when she isn't busy behind the camera or on photoshop, you'll find her gardening, landscaping, or playing disc golf!