Wood Furniture FAQ's

Yes! We have a unique showroom in Vernon, Vermont and we would love for you to stop by and visit. "Stonehurst" is not a typical furniture showroom. It's a 200 year old farmhouse and former ski area in the foothills of the Green Mountain National Forest. We've restored and renovated the property to provide you with a destination shopping experience where you can enjoy the fruits of sustainable forestry in action. At Stonehurst you can:

  • See our most popular furniture collections up close and personal
  • Thoroughly investigate our quality & craftsmanship
  • Learn about furniture joinery such as dovetails and mortise & tenons
  • See our 109 acres of sustainable forests and hike up to the mountaintop for a great view of the Connecticut River Valley
  • Learn about where your furniture comes from and why that matters
  • Meet the awesome people that make Vermont Woods Studios fun to work with

We currently have about 2500sf of indoor showroom space at Stonehurst, which isn't huge. So if you're looking to see a specific piece that you've found on our website, check to see if it's in our showroom inventory before you make the trip to Vermont. If we don't have the piece you're looking for we may be able to link you up with the craftsperson who makes it. Oftentimes, our craftspeople have a small showroom adjacent to their studios where they welcome visitors.

Sorry, we do not maintain a printed catalog at this time. It's not compatible with our green mission, and our product offerings change so often that it would be impractical for us to maintain an accurate printed catalog. If you are looking for information that's not available online, please give us a call or email us and we'll do our best to get you additional details asap.

Vermont Woods Studios showcases high quality, fine furniture made by several different craftspeople and companies in Vermont and we will be adding more lines in the near future.

All of the wooden furniture we offer is made in New England, solidly constructed and guaranteed for life. Each workshop however does have their time-tested construction and finishing methods and preferences. Please visit our furniture construction page for more details.

  • The majority of our furniture at Vermont Woods Studios is made of all natural solid hardwoods, predominantly maple, cherry, oak and walnut (specifics are provided on each product page and in the construction details section of our website).
  • As with most high-end furniture however, our case goods (for example dressers, chests and armoires) often have an unfinished light-weight back made of poplar or birch wood. 
  • This design enables us to reduce the weight of an item which is important for shipping and moving the item around in your home. 
  • If you prefer a solid wood back for your case goods, please let us know and we will be happy to customize your pieces for you.
  • Four of our collections Cherry Moon, Brandon, American Shaker and Vermont-Made Shaker, incorporate veneer into the sides of case goods only (no veneers are used in case goods frames or drawers or in the tables, chairs, or beds in these collections). 
  • These are high-end collections and the veneer we use is solid wood (natural cherry, maple or walnut) of the highest quality available applied to a solid hardwood core. 
  • If you look closely at the sides of these pieces you will notice that wider boards with exquisite grains are used.
  • If you prefer solid wood sides for these case goods, please let us know and we will be happy to customize your pieces for you.
  • The Vermont Modern Bed and all of our sleigh beds also incorporate veneers in the headboards and footboards, as this is essential for stability along the curves, given the characteristics of wood movement.
  • It is not uncommon to find different grain contrasts in the same piece of solid wood furniture.
  • The lighter grain was closer to the tree’s bark (sapwood) and the darker grain was closer to the tree’s center (heartwood).  
  • Cheaper furniture that is mass-produced is often made of wood that has undergone a multi-step chemical process of bleaching, texturizing and staining in order to masque these natural characteristics of wood.  
  • At Vermont Woods Studios we prefer the real thing.  Particularly with cherry wood, your furniture may include both sapwood and heartwood grains although we attempt to minimize the presence of sapwood. We make every attempt to accurately represent typical wood grain variations in our photos.
  • Natural markings should not be viewed as flaws.
  • They have absolutely no effect on your furniture’s durability or structural integrity.
  • Mineral deposits and other characteristics are much like the nubs you find in such fine fabrics as silk and linen; they are true indications of genuine quality.
  • The product description for each piece of our furniture includes the type of finish or finish options you many choose from. 
  • Most furniture has a clear, non-toxic lacquer, low-sheen, matte finish which is very durable and easily maintained. 
  • The furniture in our Cherry Moon, American Shaker and Vermont-Made Shaker Collections is available in a choice of hand-rubbed finishes: natural oil or a synthetic/natural oil blend. 
  • The furniture in our Modern American, Contemporary Craftsman and Modern Shaker Collections features a hand-rubbed natural oil finish.
  • The natural oil finish is very beautiful, but customers should understand that it is less resistant to spills and requires periodic oiling (about 1-4 times/year, depending on where you live). 
  • The synthetic/natural oil blend offers a look and feel much like the natural oil, but provides greater resistance to spills and humidity changes.  
  • We include easy-furniture-care instructions with your furniture. 
  • Be sure to keep these instructions handy and follow them consistenly throughout the life of the furniture.
  • Although it is not necessary, you may feel free to use commerical polishing products on your furniture.
  • Do be sure to use the same type of polish consistently.  Your furniture finish may appear cloudy or streaky if oil-based and wax-based polishes are interchanged.
  • Products containing silicone oil are not recommended because oil can seep through cracks in the finish into the wood and can ruin a new finish later.
  • Never use products containing ammonia as they will harm your finish.  
  • Always use a coaster and/or hot mat, even though the finish is water and heat resistant.
  • Placing hot items on furniture can cause a chemical change in the finish that results in white rings or spots.
  • Do not place anything with rubber bases or feet on the finish, as the rubber may have a chemical reaction with the finish.
  • Lift, don't slide, objects on wood. Place objects on trivets, tablecloths, doilies or others covers to protect the finish.
  • Use felt bottoms on trivets, lamps and other decorative objects. Avoid brightly colored felt because its color could leach into the wood.  Some experts say brown is the best color choice.
  • Keep solvents such as nail polish remover, alcohol and paint thinner away from wood furniture because they can harm the finish. Alcohol is contained in colognes, perfumes and medications as well as in wine, beer and liquor.
  • Fingerprints, perspiration and body oils can harm a finish over time, especially on chairs.
  • Plants and flower nectar that touch the finish can cause permanent stains.
  • Do not leave plastic objects lying on wood surfaces.  Color from plastic tablecloths, appliance covers, wrappers, place mats and toys can leach into wood over time.  Plastic can also stick to a finish, damaging it when it is pulled up.
  • Writing on the finished surface often causes indentations to the finish and wood.
  • Lift heavy furniture with the help of at least two people- one or more at each end.
  • Never slide tables, chairs, beds, dressers or other furniture along the floor.  Sliding pieces could hurt your wood floor and damage furniture legs by applying too much sideways pressure.
  • Wood is very sensitive to changes in relative humidity.
  • As the weather changes, furniture is constantly expanding and contracting.
  • Although our designs and joinery accommodate for the expansion and contraction of solid wood as the humidity changes, wood does best in moderate conditions of around 70ºF to 72ºF and relative humidity of about 50-55%.
  • We recommend the use of humidifiers in your home to maintain the appropriate humidity level for your solid wood furniture.
  • Wood is most likely to crack when the climate in a home suddenly changes from hot and humid to cool and dry.  We do not cover this type of cracking in our lifetime guarantee.
  • Avoid placing furniture in front of radiators, heat runs or fireplaces.
  • Store table leaves as close as possible to the table so they adjust to the same humidity conditions.
  • Avoiding bright or direct sunlight will not only keep your furniture from drying out but will also help prevent discoloration.
  • It is advisable to avoid spots, especially on cherry furniture, by not leaving items in one place on the surface for long periods of time.
  • You should use extreme caution when storing solid wood furniture for any length of time, even when it's stored in a "climate-controlled" facility.
  • Extreme variations in temperature and humidity can harm the wood and the finish, in some cases causing irreparable damage.
  • If your furniture is damaged due to these circumstances, it will not be covered under your lifetime guarantee.
  • If you live in an earthquake zone or have small children who might be able to tip over tall case goods (chests, armoires, china cabinets, 4 drawer vertical file cabinets, tall bookcases) we strongly recommend using some type of tip-over prevention device. Your local hardware store will be able to advise on specifics such as fastening the case to a wall using brackets, screws or wall straps.
  • Our chairs are designed to support 250 pounds. Routine use of the chairs for weights in excess of this may have no effect on the life of the chair, however we cannot include this type of use in our lifetime guarantee.

Some of your bureaus are listed as “8/10 drawer dressers,” “7/8 drawer chests”, etc. Bureaus described as 7/8 drawer chests or 8/10 drawer dressers, etc., indicate that the top drawer or drawers is/are actually one drawer divided into 2 sections.

  • Once you’ve selected your furniture, it’s important to ensure it can fit through all the entryways, elevators and stairways of your home.
  • Prior to ordering, be sure to determine whether your new furniture will fit into your space.
  • Plan your layout, noting the position of windows, doors, light fixtures, heating vents and electrical outlets.
  • Measure height and width of all the doorways, both inside and out, through which your furniture will need to pass.
  • Don’t forget to note the dimensions of interior hallways and the presence of fixtures, banisters or interior walls that could limit entryway clearance or be obstacles to movement.
  • Measure your furniture’s height, depth and width, along with diagonal dimension.
  • Compare residence and furniture dimensions to ensure your furniture will fit through all doorways and passageways.
  • If you ordered 1 or 2 chairs, please send 3/4 yard of 56-inch wide upholstery fabric per chair.  
  • If you ordered 3 or more chairs,please send only 1/2 yard of 56-inch wide upholstery fabric per chair.  
  • Additional fabric may be required to accommodate patterns or directionals.  
  • For leather seats, send 7 square feet of leather per chair.  
  • Send your fabric to:
Lyndon Furniture
c/o Cheryl
VT Woods Studios COM
1135 Industrial Parkway
Lyndon, Vermont  05849
  • Be sure to include your name, address and phone number with your fabric.
  • Fabric must be received within 3 weeks of your purchase to avoid delay.

Absolutely.  Since we build each piece of furniture to order, it is no problem to make modifications and often the price will remain the same, or increase only slightly.

Crafting & Shipping

At Vermont Woods Studios, each piece of handcrafted furniture is made to order. The standard lead time for our craftspeople to complete your furniture is 4-12 weeks, depending on the specific items ordered. Then, depending on where you live, it typically takes about 1-6 weeks for shipping and delivery using our white-glove blanket wrap shipping Option. So total lead time including crafting and shipping is 5-18 weeks maximum, although the average lead time is about 9 weeks.

At Vermont Woods Studios, we represent several different furniture makers throughout Vermont. The timeframe for crafting your furniture depends on which studio is crafting your items, what's in their queue at the time of purchase and the complexity and/or degree of customization of your furniture. We can give you a pretty good estimate of crafting time once we know which items you are interested in. Above all we want to assure you that we will get your furniture to you as soon as possible, without compromising our high standards of quality.

Yes, we ship internationally. Current exchange rates often help to offset the cost of international shipping. Customers in Canada will find purchasing from Vermont Woods Studios to be much like their domestic purchasing processes, however shipping, duties and fees must be quoted for each individual order prior to the sale.

  • Customers in Europe, Asia, Africa and other overseas locations should be aware that certain additional charges for shipping, crating and import duties will apply
  • We typically advise overseas customers seeking a competitive price that a minimum order of $25,000 is required to overcome the additional costs of shipping and importation
  • Please be advised that we take responsbility for the quality and integrity of your furniture only while it is in the USA.  Customers are responsible for insuring their furniture once it has left USA territory
  • Items shipped internationally are not returnable

POLYWOOD® Outdoor Furniture FAQ's

Over ninety percent of this POLYWOOD product is made from post-consumer plastic bottle waste, such as milk and detergent bottles or other HDPE post industrial waste material.

HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene which is an exceptionally durable plastic that has infinite recyclability-- this is the reason why discarded milk or water jugs last decades when thrown away into the wastestream.

No, the color in POLYWOOD is distributed evenly  all throughout the furniture. The color pigment is blended in during the fabrication process.

POLYWOOD is as solid as standard lumber. The weight of a chair is similar to that of a hardwood chair averaging 40 to 60 Lbs. each. This means that even in strong winds you won't have to worry about your outdoor lawn and garden furniture blowing away.

It is made from recycled HDPE and does not contain wood or natural fibers.

It is made from recycled HDPE and does not contain wood or natural fibers.

For optimal performance and longevity genuine stainless steel hardware is used throughout.  It is an 18-8 commercial grade stainless steel that has an additional “Xylan” protective and cosmetic coating. Although the quality of the hardware has a high level of corrosive resistance, the hardware can show some sign of corrosion in salt air environments over long periods of time.  A practical solution to these signs of corrosion would be to wash the POLYWOOD product with soap and water. Use a soft bristle brush to scrub the corroding areas of the hardware. Also, use appliance touch up paint in the appropriate color to protect the hardware. Appliance touch up paint can be purchased online or at local hardware stores.

For the best year around performance in outdoor settings the cushions are made from Sunbrella® Fabrics a reputable US manufacturer of superior durability outdoor fabrics.

The final product plastic lumber contains UV-inhibited pigment systems that reduce fading to a minimum.

It does not need to be painted, stained or sealed in any way due to the durable nature of the material.

Minor scratches can be addressed with a light sanding. It cannot be completely resurfaced using sandpaper.

The recycled poly in our POLYWOOD furniture does not absorb moisture, therefor mold and mildew can not grow inside the furniture material and weaken it over time, as with wood furniture.  However, if POLYWOOD furniture is placed in a dark, moist area, dew may collect on the surface of the furniture allowing mold or mildew to grow on the surface (see next FAQ for removal).  Placing POLYWOOD furniture in a well ventillated area with natural light will help to minimize or eliminate mold and mildew growth.

For regular maintenance you simply wash POLYWOOD products with soap and water. For more thorough cleaning or to remove fungi, use a solution of 1/3 bleach and 2/3 water. Fungi can also be removed using any readily available anti fungal product.

A high pressure power washer may be used for regular maintenance to keep your furniture looking like new. Pressure should not exceed 1,500 psi, which is the equivalent of a car wash. The surface texture may require the use of a soft bristle brush to get into the creases.

Yes, we extend our full lifetime guarantee to our POLYWOOD outdoor patio furniture, with the only exception being the hardware joinery mentioned above.

We warranty offer a one (1) year warranty for POLYWOOD products in commercial use starting from the date of purchase.

We warranty offer a one (1) year warranty for POLYWOOD products in commercial use starting from the date of purchase.

This furniture requires minimal assembly. Some models even unfold right out of the box with no assembly necessary. Those that require assembly typically take about 5 - 30 minutes to complete and include basic tools with simple instructions. Our staff made a funny video showing how to assemble some of the POLYWOOD chairs in our showroom.

Returns & Cancellations

  • Returns will be accepted within 30 days if accompanied by a valid sales receipt
  • Items must be in pristine “as-new” condition
  • Pending inspection, a credit or refund will be issued for the item value less a 30% restocking fee
  • Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer
  • Regular orders may be cancelled within 24 hours of placement with a $100 processing fee
  • Regular orders may be cancelled after 24 hours (but within 72 hours) of placement with a 25% processing fee
  • Regular orders may be cancelled after 72 hours of order placement with a 40% processing fee
  • Custom and special orders may not be cancelled or returned
  • Orders abandoned upon delivery are subject to a 50% restocking fee, plus shipping charges
  • We do not accept returns for international orders
  • Due to federal and state regulations we cannot accept returns on mattresses. All mattress sales are final.
  • Our lifetime guarantee does not apply to furniture shipped internationally. Customers should have their furniture checked for quality before it is transported outside of the USA as we cannot be responsible for shipping damage or product repair outside of the USA.
  • Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer
  • To return your furniture, you first must call (1-888-390-5571) and obtain a return authorization number before returning any item
  • Custom and special orders are not returnable

Competitive Pricing Policy

  • We are committed to offering you the very best furniture and value you will find anywhere.
  • Compare our prices and quality.
  • If you find lower prices for the level of quality, customization and service we offer, give us a call.  We'll match legitimate competitor pricing.  Please note, low price guarantee is contingent on our receipt of a written quote from a legitimate, certified dealer that is advertising a price lower than ours. Price must include commensurate shipping, taxes and applicable fees.  Comparison products must be brand new, made to order.
  • For Copeland furniture, please review the details of our low price guarantee.
  • Floor samples, damaged items, and other clearance pieces may not qualify.  Call for details.

Outdoor Furniture Warranty & Assembly

Yes, we extend our full lifetime guarantee to our POLYWOOD outdoor patio furniture, with the only exception being the hardware joinery mentioned above.

We warranty offer a one (1) year warranty for POLYWOOD products in commercial use starting from the date of purchase.

This furniture requires minimal assembly. Some models even unfold right out of the box with no assembly necessary. Those that require assembly typically take about 5 - 30 minutes to complete and include basic tools with simple instructions. Our staff made a funny video showing how to assemble some of the POLYWOOD chairs in our showroom.

Ordering & Paying

  • You can shop online by adding items to your shopping cart using the BUY buttons.
  • Complete your contact information and then use the checkout function to submit your order.
  • If we have any questions or need additional information, we will give you a follow-up call.
  • You can also place an order by contacting us toll free at 1-888-390-5571.

We accept checks and money orders, American Express, MasterCard, Visa and PayPal.

We do not charge taxes if you live outside of Vermont and your items are delivered to your non-Vermont residence. Vermont residents must pay the 6% Vermont State sales tax, plus any additional applicable local taxes.

For questions regarding the status of your order, call us toll free at 1-888-390-5571.

  • Yes. We have implemented the strongest security available for Vermont Woods Studios from GlobalSign and PayPal.
  • The Global Sign SSL Security Certificate software enables the use of digital certificates which confirm that your browser is communicating securely with our website.
  • If you have any questions about our security and privacy policies, the practices of our website, or your dealings with our website, please contact our Customer Service team.
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