Earth Day 2012: Green Up Your Workplace Challenge

Earth Day 2012, Green Up Your Workplace Challenge

What Is The "Green-Up Your Workplace" Challenge?

It's a way to help make the world a greener place! In honor of Earth Day (April 22, 2012), the “Green Up Your Workplace Challenge" is a Virtual Facebook event asking you to join with millions of others around the globe in a mission to preserve and protect this planet we call home.

It’s a pledge to bring the green movement into your workplace and inspire your co-workers to do just one thing to make the world a better, more sustainable place. You can take the pledge by joining the event on our Facebook.

Change The World You Work In

We spend half of our waking hours at work, so it's a good place to start making changes. At Vermont Woods Studios Fine Furniture, as a mission-driven company and being a purveyor of wood furniture, our mission is closely aligned with forest conservation. We're challenging ourselves to change the world by greening-up our workplace. Over the years we've instituted several green practices in the office, such as recycling of paper and ink cartridges, using terrycloth hand towels instead of paper, lowering thermostats at night and other relatively easy things. So now we're going to be delving further into the world of possibilities for greening our workspace and we're excited to share our ideas and methods with you. We can work together to change the world!

Earth Day 2012 - Green Up Your Work Place Challenge

Take The Challenge With Us:

We need your help. Show your support by liking us on Facebook, then attending our Green-Up Your Workplace Virtual Facebook Event (virtually, by clicking "attend" -- you don't have to actually go anywhere).

Check out our Blog too and our new Pinterest boards: 2012 Earth Day and Green Workplaces. Post questions on Facebook like, “what's the best printer for an eco-minded office of 10 people”. We'll scout around for answers from the experts and we'll use all our social media to share ideas, photos, links, research and findings about creative ways to go green at work.

You Can Make A Difference on Earth Day and Everyday

Here are our Top 10 Ways to Green-up Your Workplace. Try at least one. Be the Green Champion in your workplace!

  1. Take one green action, record it at A Billion Acts of Green and see if your co-workers will do the same
  2. Recycle paper and ink cartridges
  3. Watch Fresh, Food Inc, or Food Fight with your co-workers and learn where your food comes from
  4. Buy fair trade or bird friendly coffee for the office
  5. Check your ecological footprints and see who has the lowest one
  6. Turn off the lights when not in use and ask Management to use Energy Star-rated lightbulbs, fixtures and appliances
  7. Don't print unless you have to and then go double-sided when possible
  8. Carpool, bike or take public transportation to work. Even if it's only once and awhile. Just try it.
  9. Share your Earth Day plans and activities on the company blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or newsletter
  10. Like us on Facebook and attend our "Green-Up Your Workplace Event

"Green-Up Your Workplace" Goals

Pant a Billion Trees

Our goal for this virtual Facebook event is to persuade 400 people to join us in Greening-up their workplaces. Help us reach this goal by using your Facebook, twitter, blog, youtube, pinterest or whichever social media you like best to ask people to attend the Green-Up Your Workplace Virtual Event. As we move toward our goal of 400 virtual attendees, we'll plant trees along the way.

  • 100 virtual attendees: We'll plant 100 trees
  • 200 virtual attendees: We'll plant 200 trees
  • 300 virtual attendees: We'll plant 300 trees
  • 400 or more virtual attendees: We'll plant 400 trees

What Is Earth Day?

Earth Day is the largest, most celebrated environmental event in the world. On Earth Day, Americans and people from over 100 other countries go out of their way to appreciate nature and learn ways to protect our environment. Earth Day was first promoted by John McConnell on April 22, 1970, in San Francisco, California and has grown each year since. This year, 2012 is the most important Earth Day ever as the challenges of environmental conservation become more urgent with each passing day.