Community Involvement

Giving Back

It's important for us to be involved and active members of our local community, and we try to get involved in service projects frequently. We often take on a project out of a staff member's concern for a cause they are involved with or a request they've received from an organization to which they belong.

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Local Community Outreach Activities We've Supported

Food Donation to Load the Latchis

Thursday, 18 Aug 2016

Every year the local radio station hosts a food drive at the historic Latchis Hotel & Theater in Downtown Brattleboro for our neighbors in need. The goal of the event is to load every seat at the theater, 750 in total. This year, Megan and Peggy collected five bags full of food to donate to the event. 


Daughters of Toleza Scholarship

Thursday, 14 Jul 2016

For the past several years, we've donated to the Daughters of Toleza Scholarship, a NPO that assists young girls in Malawi get the financial support they need to attend school. This year we helped three young girls graduate and all are preparing to take the national college entrance examinations this month. Way to go girls!!


Milkweed Seedling Giveaway

Thursday, 26 May 2016

In late May our pods filled with milkweed seeds started to sprout. While some will be given away during our Save the Monarchs Tour with Jose Luis Alvarez and planted here at our showroom, we wanted to allow those interested to have a chance to stop by and pick up a few pods for their homes. If properly cared for common milkweed can reach heights as high as 7 feet.

milkweed seedlings

Milkweed Seed Giveaway

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

In late April and early May, we gave away hundreds of milkweed seeds to people within the southern Vermont, and western Massachusetts and New Hampshire areas. We're hoping that in giving away free seeds, more people will take responsibility in restoring the Monarch Butterfly population. We harvested all of the seeds given away from milkweed we had grown the previous year. 

milkweed seeds

VWS visits BEEC

Thursday, 28 Apr 2016

On a crisp April morning, Megan and Peggy trekked out to the Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center in West Brattleboro, VT with the Vernon Elementary School's third grade classes. The students explored vernal pools as part of their science unit on amphibians. Megan and Peggy assisted students colllect tadpoles, insect larva and more from the vernal pools and helped them to identify what each creature was. 

Earth Day Beach Cleanup

Friday, 22 Apr 2016

This year for Earth Day we had almost the entire team head down to the Connecticut River (just a short drive from our Showroom) to help clean up a local beach. The river, which swells from rain and melting snow, tends to pick up a multitude of trash throughout the year. In just under an hour we picked up enough trash to fit into five 30 gallon bags and then some! We even met some local communities members joining in the cleanup! 


Donation to Wags to Riches Cocktail Party & Auction

Saturday, 2 Apr 2016

This year Vermont Woods Studios was happy to donate and attend the 9th Annual Wags to Riches Cocktail Party & Auction benefiting the Windham County Humane Society. The money donated directly supports the shelter's work with animals and to offset the cost of spaying and neutering, medical bills, transport costs, and shelter upkeep. This year we donated a 3-Day Weekend get-a-away to Stratton Mountain Resort and a Maple Pedestal Dining Table. The event starts with a silent auction and cocktail hour and ends with a live auction!


Food Donation to Windham County Humane Society

Friday, 5 Feb 2016

When we heard our local Humane Society was in need of food for their cats and dogs we quickly decided to jump in and help them out. We took a trip to the store, hunted down the animal food section and filled a cart overflowing with food. When we brought it all by the humane society, the look on the staffer’s face was priceless. While we’re unable to adopt a mascot for Vermont Woods Studios, we hope the donation will help the society be able to focus on helping even more animals in need of a loving home.


Vernon, VT Giving Tree

Friday, 18 Dec 2015

This holiday season, the team at Vermont Woods Studios wanted to give back to its community. For the first time ever, the town of Vernon (where VWS is located) hosted a Holiday Giving Tree Donation Drive. On the tree hung 30 ornaments, each representing a person in need within the community. The ornaments had each person's gender, age and items they were in need of listed on one side. We took five oraments and the team donated some of their own items or went out and purchased new items and as a group wrapped and delivered the items to the town offices. From there, the organizers of the event (the Vernon Town Clerk and local Girl Scout's Troop) distributed the presents to the appropriate people. 


Pack to Give Back

Monday, 23 Nov 2015

The Vermont Foodbank distributed 10 million pounds of food in 2015 and they were able to do that through donations, gleaning and food rescue. Each year they host the "Pack to Give Back" event in three communities throughout Vermont. The Vermont Woods Studios team bundled up one November day this year and partnered with the Foodbank for the final event held in Brattleboro, Vermont. The team helped to distribute 500 holiday food boxes to local families in need this holiday season. 

Pack to Give Back

VWS Green Team Participates in Connecticut River Clean Up

Wednesday, 28 Oct 2015

VWS volunteered in the Connecticut River Watershed Council’s (CRWC) yearly “Source to Sea” trash cleanup of the Connecticut River. CRWC works to educate, restore and preserve the health of the CT River. The CT River is just a few miles from our Vernon, VT showroom and in only a couple of hours our team collected five full bags of trash! The cleanup has participants collecting trash from as far north as the Canadian border all the way to the mouth of the river in Old Lyme, CT. Great job team and thanks to the CRWC for coordinating the event.

Connecticut River Source to Sea Cleanup

The Plight of The Monarchs

Thursday, 24 Sep 2015

A few years ago we learned about the plight of the Monarchs and we instantly knew we wanted to help. The Monarch butterfly population across the country has been drastically reduced due to a variety of reasons. One of the primary reasons is the decline in milkweed, the most necessary ingredient in the life cycle of the Monarch.

Our plan was to create a monarch restoration program at our showroom Stonehurst and expand it each summer. It started last fall with the collection, planting and local distribution of the all important milkweed seeds. This summer we actually purchased larvae to jump start the project and successfully raised and sent migrating a few dozen Monarchs. We have learned so much this year and we plan to come back bigger and better next summer. Check out our blog for more of our Monarch restoration activities.

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Monarch Butterfly

Building Monarch Butterfly Way Stations in Vermont

Thursday, 25 Jun 2015

Vermont Woods Studios is reaching out to gardeners, naturalists and others in our community to help save the Monarch butterfly from extinction. We met this week at Stonehurst to share ideas and techniques for creating habitat for the butterflies. Thanks to our friend David Berrie, we were able to harvest milkweed seeds from a Berrie Real Estate property last Fall. This year we planted the seeds and shared the seedlings with the community. Interested in butterflies and other pollinators? If you're local, stop by Stonehurst and we'll help you get a pollinator garden started. If you're from afar, check out the website for tips and advice.

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Monarch Butterfly Way Stations in Vermont

VWS donates to WCHS' Wags to Riches

Saturday, 16 May 2015

The 8th annual “Wags to Riches” cocktail party and auction directly supports the loving care of more than 800 animals who will come through the doors of WCHS in need of help this year. Attendees have the opportunity to bid on a wide variety of live and silent auction items, including exotic weekend getaways, unique local art and jewelery, gift certificates to local restaurants and shops, and much more! Vermont Woods Studios donated a 3-Day weekend stay at Stratton Mountain Resort and a beautiful POLYWOOD Adirondack chair to be auctioned off!

Shaker Bed Donation to Benefit Brattleboro's River Gallery School

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Proceeds from the 25th annual River Gallery School auction went to support this “vibrant hub for Brattleboro’s artistic community.” The school was founded in 1976–and has since offered classes, community workshops, and summer/school vacation programs for students of all ages. We donated a Shaker style American made 4 poster bed to be auctioned off at this event!

25th annual River Gallery School auction

VWS Sponsors an Aquatic Field Trip for Vernon Elementary

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Vermont Woods Studios sponsored a BEEC field trip where Vernon Elementary School students got the opportunity to explore a pond ecosystem and observe a variety of aquatic organisms. They studied the life cycles and food webs of these insects and amphibians, explored the ponds, and kept field notes on their findings. The students caught, identified, and shared their discoveries with the class!

Aquatic Field Trip for Vernon Elementary

VWS Donates Christmas Gifts to Local Girls Home

Wednesday, 24 Dec 2014

The Vermont Woods Studios team donated Christmas gifts to a local NFI home for disadvantaged girls. The gifts included movies, video games, journals, markers, and board games. NFI Vermont works to create safe and supportive treatment programs for children, who struggle with severe emotional problems.

Christmas Gifts for Local Girls Home

Gift Wrapping at Brattleboro's Holton House

Tuesday, 9 Dec 2014

Peggy, Loryn, Douglas and Ken visited the Holton House and helped wrap gifts to be delivered to area senior citizens. It was a Brattleboro Rotary Club project and they were joined by Rotarians: Betsy Gentille, Ana Saavedra and Tami Purcell.

Gift Wrapping at Brattleboro's Holton House

VWS Donates a Turkey to the Brattleboro Community Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Wednesday, 26 Nov 2014

Vermont Woods Studios donated a Vermont raised turkey to the Brattleboro Community Free Thanksgiving Dinner. The dinner is an event run entirely by volunteers that provides a free Thanksgiving meal to hundreds of community members in need. According to the Brattleboro Reformer, "Offering a free community Thanksgiving meal goes back to the Common Ground Restaurant, which started the Thanksgiving tradition more than 40 years ago. After the restaurant on Elliot Street closed in 2007 a group of local volunteers took up the tradition and have been offering a free turkey or vegetarian meal with all the trimmings." Over a dozen turkeys and hundreds of pounds of produce were donated by individuals and local businesses to make this charitable event possible.

Turkey Donation to Brattleboro Community Free Thanksgiving Dinner

VWS Launches Monarch Conservation Project

Thursday, 30 Oct 2014

Aside from planting a butterfly garden and spreading milkweed seeds, Vermont Woods Studios has begun further efforts to conserve Monarch butterfly populations in Vermont. VWS is now working with the local community, including residents and road crews, to spread milkweed across the state of Vermont to make it a more habitable place for Monarchs. Milkweed seeds are now available to pickup for free at Stonehurst.

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Monarchs, MonarchsVT, Monarch Conservation

VWS Staff Members Attend the Vermont Make-A-Wish Fundraiser

Thursday, 11 Sep 2014

Vermont Woods Studios staff attended the annual Brattleboro Celebrity Waiter Dinner on September 20th, along with donating a pencil post bed for the benefit auction. At the dinner and auction, Brattleboro’s local “celebrities” came together to raise funds and awareness for Make-A-Wish®!

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Make-A-Wish Fundraiser

Vermont Woods Studios Adopts a Barred Owl from VINS

Thursday, 17 Jul 2014

Our showroom has a resident Barred Owl that on occasion likes to perch in the trees outside of our offices. We appreciate what majestic creatures owls are, and are passionate about supporting them. The Green Team has officially 'Adopted a Barred Owl' through the Vermont Institute of Natural Science's 'Adopt a Raptor' program. This program supports Barred Owls by helping to provide the specialized care needed by the creatures who live at VINS Nature Center.

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Barred Owl

Jim Auchmoody

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

VWS staff members helped Deb Berryere, and other members of the Neighbors Helping Neighbors committee, raise over $3500 for the benefit of Jim and Theresa Auchmoody in April, 2014. Jim, a self employed electrician was diagnosed with leukemia in December 2013. The community sponsored a spaghetti dinner fundraiser and auctions to help defray the family's expenses while Jim underwent treatment. VWS donated one of Ken's handmade cutting boards and a set of POLYWOOD® Adirondack chairs with matching table. We continue to send our thoughts and prayers out to Jim, Theresa and family.

POLYWOOD Picnic Table

BEEC Nature Camp Scholarships

Monday, 26 May 2014

Vermont Woods Studios is offering three scholarships for local Vernon children to attend Nature Camp at the Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center BEEC this year. BEEC offers 7 different nature camps for kids ranging in age from 4-11. Camps are fun and educational with an emphasis on getting to know the natural world.

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BEEC Nature Camp

Salamander Crossing

Monday, 12 May 2014

Several members of the Vermont Woods Studios team supported BEEC at their annual Salamander Soiree, an event that raises awareness about salamander migration. Some team members also went out at night and helped salamanders cross the roads on their journey to local vernal pools.

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Salamander Crossing

Green Up Vermont

Friday, 2 May 2014

Green Up Vermont is a statewide campaign to get people outside and clean up their communities. This year the Green Team went out on our lunch break and picked up litter from the Vernon Pond and the Vernon Beach!

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Green Up Vermont

Wags to Riches

Thursday, 27 Feb 2014

Along with a special sale where $20 from every order was donated to the Windham County Humane Society, VWS also donated a large cutting board and a stay at the Stratton Mountain Long-Trail House to their Wags to Riches Auction.

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Wags to Riches

Morningside Shelter

Saturday, 12 Oct 2013

We donate to our local homeless shelter, which provides outreach, referrals, interventions, and transitional housing services.

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Hike for the Homeless

Meals on Wheels

Saturday, 17 Aug 2013

For the past fifteen years, Vermont Woods Studios CEO Peggy Farabaugh has been a meals on wheels volunteer. Every Friday Peggy picks up meals from the local nursing home and delivers them to Vernon residents in need.

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Meals on Wheels

Middlebury College Solar Decathlon Sponsor

Monday, 15 Jul 2013

VWS has supported the Middlebury College Solar Decathlon team with the donation of an eco-friendly furniture piece for several years. We first donated a platform bed which was used as the centerpiece for their master bedroom, and most recently a cherry dining table to complement their eco-home.

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Middlebury College Solar Decathlon Sponsor

Adopt A Soldier on Veteran’s Day

Sunday, 11 Nov 2012

On Veterans Day Weekend 2011 & 2012 the Vermont Woods Studios team participated in the Adopt a Solider program. We held a special sale in which $20 from every order went to support the family of a solider in need.

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Adopt a Soldier

Reformer Christmas Stocking

Friday, 9 Dec 2011

We contribute to our local newspaper's initiative that supplies warm winter coats, mittens and hats for area children in need.

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Load the Latchis

Saturday, 10 Sep 2011

The Vermont Woods Studios office and showroom was used as a drop off location for Load the Latchis, a food donation program for Vermonters in need.

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Load the Latchis

Plant A Billion Trees Campaign

Wednesday, 7 Sep 2011

We sponsored a sale during which we donated 100% of our profits along with an ongoing campaign to plant 1 tree for every order. So far we have raised almost $2000 for the Nature Conservancy's project.

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Planting Trees