Buying Furniture Tax Free?

We do not collect sales tax for furniture delivered outside of Vermont, however some states do require you as a customer to report your purchase and submit the appropriate sales tax. Details below.

If you live in Vermont, you must pay the mandatory 6% Vermont State Sales Tax, plus any additional applicable local taxes.   However, watch for special Tax FREE Days offered by our state government.  If you've been planning to make a purchase, that's the perfect day to do it -- No Tax!  We'll announce Vermont Tax Free Days on our blog.

If you live in another state and are buying furniture and having it shipped to your home outside of Vermont, check with your state sales tax department regarding their policy on Internet purchases. In some states, customers are responsible to pay sales tax to their state department of taxation. If you prefer that we collect sales tax for you, please contact us and we will be happy to submit your tax payment to your state on your behalf.