Coffee Tables

Your living room has two basic necessities and a top quality, solid wood coffee table is one of them. The other: something to sit on like a sofa, chair or love seat. Maybe you have a media center, a TV, some end tables, a couple lamps and a bookcase too but the coffee table is essential. It's home to your magazines, remotes, wine glass, tired feet and of course your coffee table books. Whether you choose small, medium or large; round, square or rectangular, this key cocktail table must be beautiful, stylish and last forever. So here are a few things to consider when shopping for the best real, solid wood coffee tables for your home.

Real Wood Colors: Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Oak

What color is your wood? Real, natural cherry wood has a rich reddish tone. Solid natural maple has a light, creamy color. Walnut is our darkest wood. If you enjoy the authentic color and grain of natural wood you've come to the right place! Vermont craftspeople are experts on that. However if you prefer a dark or light wood color, simply select from the many stain options available for most styles. For cherry coffee tables, our wood stains include autumn cherry, mahogany cherry and country russet. But don'f forget that real cherry wood naturally darkens with age and sunlight.

Maple cocktail tables can be stained ebony or espresso to produce a dark color. If you need a lighter color wood, natural maple is nice. Or go even lighter with an ivory finish on maple. The driftwood stain on maple creates a slate color, which is very popular. If you're investing in a walnut table, we don't typically recommend a stain. Why? Because walnut is becoming rather rare and it's priced higher than cherry, maple and oak. No sense paying extra for a rare wood grain if you're going to cover it up with a stain. Almost all of our Vermont made coffee tables can be stained to meet your needs. Every one is top quality and handmade to your specifications with real solid cherry, walnut, maple or oak hardwood.

Modern & Traditional Coffee Table Styles

All wood. Wood and metal. Wood and glass. Are you looking for a mix of materials? Or simply an American made, real solid wood table? Below you'll find all wood cocktail tables plus wooden tables with glass tops and/or metal legs. From the minimalist Shaker style to American mission, traditional French country, mid-century modern MCM, contemporary and rustic you are sure to find the right match for your living room decor. What shape is best for you? Round, oval, square, oblong or rectangular? The Copeland Essential coffee table is kidney shaped!

Design & Storage Ideas for Cocktail Tables

These popular interior designers are serving up some great ideas for how to get the most fashion and function from your coffee table:

  1. Joann Pan, a home decor expert at shares her thoughts on What Should (and Should Not) Be on Each Table in Your House. For the coffee table she insists on a closed-lid box for all your remotes. Keep them out of sight and use a decorative tray to house the box, along with a ceramic bowl, vase and a stack of your favorite books. On the forbidden list: no coasters on the coffee table! Seems a little strict but she argues coasters "always end up at the edge or toward the back of the coffee table" when they should be on a side table or end table. Something to consider.
  2. Elle Decor offers 19 Coffee Table Styling Ideas to Steal. Flowers, trays and books are their must-haves but don't miss all their creative ideas shown in beautiful photos that will inspire you. They show all types of candles, from tall & tapered to short, fat and round to add light and layers. Here again, boxes are a requirement for storage of remotes. Vases and flowers are arranged elegantly to complement other designs in the room, including wall art and decorative pillows. Plants, pieces of coral, geodes and zen gardens are artfully arranged for a calming effect.
  3. Sarah Yang at House Beautiful advises How to Style Your Coffee Table Like a Pro. Tips for a chic and stylish suggest the coffee table is the perfect place to display a collection of small boxes or books. Alternatively, keep it simple. Nothing but a beautiful vase of peonies or tulips. Plus of course, the requisite remote storage box.

Coffee Table Sets

Matching end tables and sofa tables will complement your new cherry coffee table and make a beautiful design statement in your living room or den. These Vermont made sets can be customized with extra drawers and shelves for storage. Matching table sets are always on sale for 20%.

Custom Coffee Tables

Do you need a specific custom size for your occasional tables that's not shown below? Are you looking for extra storage options like drawers or a shelf? Don't worry if it's not shown here. All of our solid wood coffee tables are made to order and we are happy to modify the length, width, height and other features for you. Have unique drawer pulls you found at a flea market? We'll incorporate them. Give us a call to work out the details. Custom coffee tables are our specialty and we want you to have exactly what you need for your beautiful home.

American Craftsmanship from Vermont

We call Vermont the Fine Furniture Capital of America. Our state has become the hub of American furniture making over the last three decades, as North Carolina companies have mostly gone overseas. Here, your furniture really is 100% made in the USA. Actually it’s all made in Vermont. You can help preserve the tradition of American furniture making by becoming a Vermont Woods Studios fan on Facebook or following us on Twitter. We sincerely thank you for using your purchasing power to help us build sustainable communities and create American jobs in Vermont.

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