Our solid wood bookcases and bookshelves are 100% American made & handcrafted in Vermont. From the real solid Cherry, Maple, Oak and Walnut hardwoods our craftsmen start with to the clear natural, non-toxic finishes applied, these bookcases are top quality and built to last. Find Shaker style bookcases, Modern bookcases by Copeland, and Mission & Craftsman style bookcases.

Custom Solid Wood Bookcases

Customize these top quality hardwood bookshelves to organize your books, AV media and photos. Choose solid wood bookcases with:

  • Glass doors
  • Wooden doors
  • Full length doors
  • Half length doors or
  • No doors

Store all your books, artwork and collectibles in a custom, eco-friendly, real wood bookcase that's built to order, just for you, right here in Vermont. The attention to detail, and robust design our craftspeople embrace allow us to guarantee your bookshelves for a lifetime of use.

Have you found the perfect high end wooden bookcase for your bedroom, home office or living room? Large or small, wide or narrow, short or tall, mission or modern style...the perfect custom bookcase may need some customization to fit into your space. You can customize your wood bookcases online with your exact dimensions, hardwood choice, glass doors or wooden doors in full or half length. Learn more in our articles about solid wood bookcases.

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