Mill Glassware

Inspired by the early 19th century woolen mill that Simon Pearce has called home for over three decades since 1981, the Mill Collection symbolizes the significance of finding ones place in the world. Heartened by a grounded presence indicative of the roots set down in a home, each piece is designed with a solid, sturdy base. This sturdiness is carried through to the top rim in this Heritage Simon Pearce Collection. Not only does the Mill Collection feature a hearty appearance and feel, it also reflects light in a captivating glow only achievable with the thick hand-blown glass found throughout the pieces. Feel the balance and strength of this collection with every use.

Simon Pearce hand-blown glass is lead-free. Every piece in this timeless designer glassware collection is expertly handmade in the USA to the highest standards of quality. Enjoy your own fine barware set today.