Simon Pearce Collections

From the classics all the way to modern, Simon Pearce glassware collections offer a design for every style personality. Take a step back in time with the traditional characteristics of the Hartland Collection. Catch a glimpse into the horizon with Bristol Glassware. Even embrace one of the first style's that inspired Simon Pearce to create so many great collections in the Norwich Collection.

Simon Pearce glassware and pottery is handmade in the USA by skilled glassblowers and potters who pride themselves on traditional techniques and quality craftsmanship. Although considered a designer product, Simon Pearce is as down to Earth as you can get. Each collection and design is created with everyday moments in mind. Simon Pearce craftspeople instill their ideals of heritage and togetherness into every vase, glass, candleholder and piece of pottery that they create. Their hope is to help create a warm atmosphere to surround you and your loved ones during your cherished gatherings.

Browse our extensive selection of Simon Pearce glassware and pottery collections listed below. Discover what inspires you.

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