Chelsea Glassware

While gazing at Simon Pearce's Chelsea Collection it is easy to see what an integral role the element of water has played in this series. Reminiscent of the waves rippling across the surface of the ocean, Chelsea glassware captures and refracts light in an optical dance. Captivating in its smooth contours, every piece in this collection is hand-blown by master glass-blowers intent on embracing the natural flow of glass. That relationship between glass and water is apparent in every peak, valley and ripple of this calming artisan glassware collection.

Every piece of Simon Pearce Chelsea glassware is handcrafted with the profound expertise of skilled Simon Pearce craftspeople. Due to the hand-blowing process, each piece is one-of-a-kind and made to the highest standards of quality. Get lost in the tranquil waving planes of Chelsea glassware in an instant with your very own collection.