Cavendish Pottery & Glassware

Cavendish pottery is the epitome of timeless style. Simple classic lines and an elegant raised band all finished in a bright dove glaze make this collection compatible with any style of décor, from time-honored to the avant-garde. Enliven your table setting with the vivid array of dishware offered in this hand-thrown stoneware collection.

Take it a step further and add Cavendish glassware which features the same timeless styling all hand-blown in crisp clear glass. Dinner plates, pasta bowls, dessert bowls, mugs, wine glasses and everything in between are easy to find in the Cavendish design. There is no better way to show off your culinary work than with the blank canvas that this artisan dishware and glassware collection offers.

Each piece in this enduring collection is hand-thrown and hand-blown in the USA by Simon Pearce's skilled craftspeople. Both durable and pleasing to the eye, Cavendish tableware provides a blank canvas with every dining experience. Treat family and friends to a new culinary adventure with your own Cavendish Collection today.