Barre Glassware & Pottery

Contemporary style with just a touch of whimsical flair. While embracing the traditional glass-blowing and clay throwing techniques practiced for centuries, our Barre Collection from Simon Pearce is a stunning example of modern day craftsmanship at its finest. Spanning the two different materials of pottery and glass, the sophisticated clean lines that define the Barre Collection are seamlessly captured in every piece of this collection. Whether you are looking for unique glass stemware for your bar or trendy hand-thrown dishware for your table, Barre has everything you need.

Every piece of Barre Glassware and Pottery from Simon Pearce is handmade in the USA with the profound expertise of skilled Simon Pearce craftspeople. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and made to the highest standards of quality. All Simon Pearce glassware is lead-free and all Simon Pearce Pottery is lead-free and cadmium free.

Outfit your entire table setting in one easy step with our wide carefully hand-selected assortment of Barre tablewareand glassware.