American Shaker Furniture

Maple Corner Woodworks Furniture

High quality American Shaker Furniture handcrafted in Vermont of real cherry, walnut and maple hardwood. Clean, simple, time tested design but oh so elegant. Perfect proportions, carefully-selected extra-wide boards, tapered posts and legs, chamfered edges, cove moldings and traditional, round button Shaker knobs. This luxury furniture has a delicate appearance that belies our sturdy construction.

The Vermont Shaker furniture is a sister collection to this one, with the main difference being a straight apron in contrast to the arched apron of the American Shaker Collection. Maple Corner Woodworks Furniture is handcrafted in a small workshop in Montpelier, VT. Choose any piece in either collection and we will happily customize it to either the American Shaker or Vermont Shaker style.

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