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Bee Collection

Vermont Style Dinnerware

Round out your Vermont style home decor with our Laura Zindel Bee themed Ceramics Collection! Get creative and bring these beautiful bumble bees and honey bees into your dining room. The buzzing of bees is always a sure sign that summer is here and this artful collection is a way to bring the energy of your garden into the dining room. Bees are said to be a sign of intelligence, industry and devine messages. Whether you favor honeybees or bumble bees this artful collection is bound to bring nature's inspiration to your dining room table!

Unique Home Decor Gifts

Laura's artful, bee themed platters, vases, mugs, tumblers and bowls make thoughtful gifts for the nature lover at Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving and other holidays. Great for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries & house warmings too!

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