Cherry Moon Furniture

Cherry Moon Furniture

Cherry Moon 3-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,134.80
Cherry Moon 3-Drawer Nightstand
Sale: $1,610.10
Cherry Moon 4-Drawer Chest
Sale: $2,587.50
Cherry Moon 5-Drawer Chest
Sale: $3,016.80
Cherry Moon 6-Drawer Chest
Sale: $3,697.20
Cherry Moon 6-Drawer Dresser
Sale: $3,756.60
Cherry Moon 7 Drawer Dresser
Sale: $4,221.90
Cherry Moon 8 Drawer Dresser
Sale: $4,472.10
Cherry Moon 9-Drawer Dresser
Sale: $4,937.40
Cherry Moon Armoire
Sale: $4,877.10
Cherry Moon Bed
Sale: $2,051.10
Cherry Moon Blanket Chest
Sale: $2,230.20
Cherry Moon Dovetail Platform Bed
Sale: $1,312.20
Cherry Moon Jewelry Cabinet
Sale: $4,770.00
Cherry Moon Lingerie Chest
Sale: $3,661.20
Cherry Moon Mirror Horizontal
Sale: $1,085.40
Cherry Moon Mirror Vertical
Sale: $1,085.40
Cherry Moon Pagoda Bed
Sale: $2,730.60
Cherry Moon Panel Bed
Sale: $3,041.10
Cherry Moon Sweater Chest
Sale: $4,245.30
Cherry Moon Wide 5-Drawer Chest
Sale: $3,554.10

Arts & Crafts Style

Our American-made, Arts and Crafts style Cherry Moon Furniture Collection represents traditional Vermont craftsmanship at its finest!

This ultra-luxury, high end furniture line features all natural wood, hand-selected with great care. Crafted in the Montpelier area of VT, the Cherry Moon style has elements of Arts and Crafts, contemporary Asian and modern American design yielding a light but grounded appearance.

Rich black walnut, half-moon drawer pulls complement our solid cherry, maple, and walnut hardwood furnishings. Reverse-tapered legs, posts and an intricate cove under the tops round out the design to give any room of your home a comforting,and natural feeling of understated elegance.  Please note this furniture has a linseed oil finish which must be re-oiled periodically (care of oil finishes).

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