So Long Summer Interns – Come Back Soon!


Manjula's daughter Mugdha taking over at Douglas' desk while he was out to lunch.

We've been very lucky at Vermont Woods Studios Furniture to have six fabulous summer interns this year.  Douglas's three teens:  Trenton, Tristan and Taegen, Manjula's daughter Mugdha, my neighbor Angela and of course Kendall who's been working in our business since he was 12 (Manjula says we have to stop calling him an intern at this point and promote him.  I don't know…what do you think?).


The kids give us a hand completing important projects that help us run more efficiently. They get great experience learning how a small business works and we get top notch work at a discount price!


Here are a few snapshots I was able to sneak in over the summer as these hard-workers helped us grow our sales and further our green mission.  We're sending them our sincere thanks for a job well done.



And best wishes for a fun and successful year at school!





Douglas' kids: Trenton, Taegen and Tristan Fletcher have been helping us build our small business for several years now.  They help us with everything from data entry to video production to research and strategy.  Thanks guys!

















Kendall was my first believer. He started helping me develop our initial primitive website back in 2006 and has been working with great determination to continuously improve it ever since.














Angela is a neighbor and a friend who came to help us out in a pinch this summer.  She inspires me with her impressive achievements in college and her cheerful attitude.


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